Received a bachelor’s degree in technical science with a focus on construction management from Ball State. In the last two years, I have completed over 1 million square feet of commercial construction buildings, including high performance production facilities to corporate headquarters with contemporary flair.

I grew up in the construction world and have made it my single focused career. In the family blood, and my father took me to the job site starting around the age of 5. Dad didn’t pay me then, so no labor laws were broken.

During my 16 years in the industry I have gotten to hold a position in every level of the field from manual hole digger, to project executive. I believe this knowledge base is critical to ability to help my clients.

Completed projects in 6 states, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. While working in these states I have helped produce projects that range from a whopping 100sqft to over 200,000sqft.

Versed in many different construction methods and delivery methods. Skilled in stick-framed apartments to PEMB and all things remodel. No matter the size or location of the project I enjoy proactively executing a success construction project form my customer.

Fun Facts

I tend to think I’m a better dancer and singer then others give me credit for. I am a wedding dancing machine! Ya, that guy. I even have a signature move.

In my free time I like spending time on the water at the lake, relaxing.

I cannot stop myself from inspecting every, and I mean every, building I walk into. No off switch.

When you grow up 5 min from a prestigious school like Notre Dame, you’re pretty much a golden domer fan. I bleed blue and gold! God, Country, Notre Dame!!!

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