My professional career in construction began as an Undergrad at Michigan State University where I concurrently worked for a non-profit builder’s association while earning a bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Since then, I have served as the Director of Marketing for two prominent residential builders, and most recently, a commercial construction firm based in Washington D.C. In each capacity, I applied qualitative methods to define brand strategy, create and deliver marketing initiatives, and most importantly, ensure client success.

Fun Facts

As a native to West Michigan, I am truly grateful to both live and work in the community that I not only grew up in – but have come to truly value and admire.

I’m also honored to be called “Mom” by four vivacious children; a little girl and three boys that happen to be exactly 14 months apart – down to the day. They are by far my greatest challenge and accomplishment and ensure life is always one big adventure.

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