Growing up in the construction industry has given me a large range of skills; from stock boy at my father’s lumber yard to assistant store manager to outside contractor sales

In order to learn another side of the construction business, I worked for a stick frame builder

My history in construction involves hundreds of projects, including multi-million dollar family communities, as well as upscale residential homes

Fun Facts

I believe that any type of argument or disagreement can be settled over an old-fashioned game of rock, paper, scissors. Although I have yet to win against my 8 year old daughter

If it’s nice outside, after work you can find me on the golf course. I try to fit in two rounds every week, even though I’m a bit of a hack on the fairway

In high school, I constructed an entire home out of balsa wood, down to the exterior siding. Eventually I sold not only the model, but also the plans

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