I started out driving truck for Pepsi Co. Backing up guru! I didn’t enjoy being over the road so much though, so a buddy of mine introduced me to construction.

I now have over 20 years experience in framing, with a heavy emphasis on custom homes.

I moved to Michigan about 4 years ago, where my specialty switched, and I started working more in the commercial industry doing siding.

I have been involved in hotels, office complexes, and a variety of other projects across a multitude of states. Not scared to travel!

Fun Facts

Although I do not currently have a motorcycle, I have my sights set on getting a one. I love being on 2 wheels!

I enjoy traveling. We used to have a house in Mexico and travel there every year. While in Mexico, I also enjoyed deep sea fishing.

Although I cannot deep sea dive in Michigan, I do enjoy getting near a body of water and fishing here. I find it very relaxing.

When I am not fishing, you can usually find me in the woods getting my nature on and doing some hunting!

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